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1. Can you tell us about the company?

We're a team of software engineers and fans of X/Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and social media in general! We developed this fun project so that visitors can receive extra information about X/Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts.

2. How do you make money?

We use sell affiliate products through our email list. The funds from affiliate marketing allow us to pay for the maintenance of the WingAzul website without having to put our functions behind a paywall. When you click on an affiliate ad, a cookie is installed in your browser that will track when you make a purchase. If you make a purchase, we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

3. What does WingAzul mean? Cool name by the way!

Thanks! It's an homage to the Bluebird, X/Twitter's former mascot and logo. "Azul" means "blue" in Spanish, and "wing" is a reference to a bird. While the original business centered around X/Twitter, we've since expanded to other social media platforms but have kept our original name.

4. Are you affiliated with X/Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, or any other social media company?

No. We're a completely separate company and are not part of any social media platform. In fact, because of the recent changes to X/Twitter's API, we no longer programmatically fetch data from X/Twitter. We do, however, use YouTube's API to retrieve information but again are not affiliated with either company, LinkedIn, or Instagram in any way.

5. I've heard in the news that the X/Twitter API has changed. Can you elaborate on what this means?

A decision was recently made at X/Twitter to transition the API to a paid version (it was originally free). Unfortunately, this has caused most X/Twitter apps to shut down because the subscriptions are too expensive and limiting for the majority of apps.

We're in a similar position. Even if we did pay, the $100/month plan's offerings are considerably more restricted compared to the previous free version's. For example, the paid plan allows the retrieval of only 10,000 tweets per month whereas the prior, free version allowed 2 million.

6. Why does the Find X/Twitter ID feature no longer work?

Due to the aforementioned change to the X/Twitter API. However, we hope to bring this function back soon, potentially using a method that bypasses the X/Twitter API altogether.

7. What is the purpose of the Sort Tweets function?

Many are curious about the most viral tweets of all time. Using our platform, you can easily organize these few hundred tweets by several metrics. From our understanding, no one else to date has provided this level of granularity to these viral tweets.

8. Why does the older version of Sort Tweets no longer work?

An earlier version allowed you to sort any public account's tweets, up to the last 3000 or so tweets. However, this version stopped functioning after the aforementioned change to the X/Twitter API. We hope to reintroduce it in the future, but that will be dependent on X/Twitter's policies.

9. I think your list of viral tweets in Sort Tweets is missing some notable tweets. Can you add the tweet to your list?

Of course! Send us a DM on our X/Twitter page (@WingAzulApp) or an email at [email protected]. Just a heads up: We're currently focusing on tweets that have received over 1 million likes. If you have found any tweets that meet this criterion and are not displayed, feel free to send us a message, and we'll add them to our list.

10. Why is it important to know a YouTube channel's ID?

The YouTube channel ID is a unique string that is given to every YouTube channel at inception. Once a new YouTube channel is created, the account ID stays for the perpetuity of the account and can never be changed. While two channels can have the same account name, they can never share the same channel ID. Lastly, YouTube's API often requires a channel ID to perform a variety of requests, so it's useful information for to know.

11. What is the LinkedIn post date extractor used for?

LinkedIn does not show you the exact date and time of your posts and unfortunately only provides an approximate estimation. This is frustrating if you want better, more accurate data. Interestingly enough, the date and time are hidden in a post's URL. We created an algorithm to extract a post's ID from the URL and then derive the vital information. The result will be a timestamp in your local time zone, in addition to Universal Time (UTC).

12. How does the Instagram follow-for-follow strategy work?

One of the easiest ways to grow an Instagram account from scratch is to follow other accounts in your niche with the hope that a large percentage will follow you back. However, once you've accumulated a large following, there will be a substantial number of accounts that didn't follow you back. Moreover, Instagram makes it hard to figure out who these accounts are. We've created a function that will compare your followers and following lists and derive this information for you—completely for free.

13. What information of ours do you store?

We use Google Analytics to track the number of visitors to our website and their approximate location. Due to their general nature, these data are virtually impossible to trace to any individual person. For a complete review of our policies, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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